These Programs play at SUNY Geneseo. There are two programs: Beginner-Learn to Skate and Intermediate-Learn to Play (also known as IP).


Ages 4 to 10. Some 3 year olds, if mature enough, may join the Learn to Skate/Beginner program.


This program begins in October and runs thru February.


SUNY Geneseo


Learn to Skate practices once a week on Saturdays. Learn to Play/Intermediate skates twice a week on Saturdays and on a weekday depending on the High School Game Schedules.


Learn to Skate/Beginners do not play games.

Learn to Play/Intermediate participants will have the opportunity to play in 4 to 6 Cross Rink Jamborees at Rochester Area Rinks (usually 1 at SUNY Geneseo) if they meet the age requirement for 6u.


A Timbits jersey is provided.

Extra Costs

Livingston Blues apparel is available at extra cost. Players are expected to provide their own equipment and skates. Livingston Blues have a limited sets of equipment for the Learn to Skate/Beginner Program.


Typically players start in the Beginner/Learn to Skate Program then progress to the IP/Learn to Play Hockey Program the following season if they are at least 5 years old. Then players progress on to a team for their age group after one season of IP. Some players with above average skating ability may skip the Learn to Play Hockey/IP Program and proceed directly to an 8U or 10U Team. An evaluation is required to progress to a team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is too old to start playing Hockey?

While most players start between age 3 and 6, we do have players who start at 8 or 9 and start on a team when ready.

Does Geneseo/Livingston Blues supply loaner equipment?

We do have a limited supply of loaner equipment packages for players in the Beginner Program. When registering their child, parents should identify if they need loaner equipment.


There is a limited number of sets of Loaner Equipment for use by players in the Beginner Program. When the loaner equipment is picked up, a $100 deposit is required to ensure the entire set is returned at which point the deposit is returned to the family. These sets are not for sale. The loaner equipment deposit is completely separate from the registration fees paid as part of this registration which cover fees for ice rental. The Blues provide these sets to help players get started skating assuming the players will love it (and most do!!), then the family has a year to acquire used or new equipment for their Hockey Player before they move to a higher level Program or Team. Play It Again Sports has a lot of Used Equipment available for sale although it may take several trips to fully outfit your child as their stock changes thruout the year.

Contact Deb Wilper for more information about the Loaner Equipment.


In House Programs for Beginners/Learn to Skate and IP/Learn to Play Hockey

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