Blues Team Registration

Registration for all Blues Teams 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U and 18U


NOTE: Registration is not complete unless a Confirmation Email is received from the Geneseo/Livingston Blues

The registration will collect the following information: Player Name, 2024-25 USA Hockey Confirmation Number, Parent Name, Address, Phone Numbers, Emails, School Grade, School, Last Organization Played For, Number of Years Previously Played (for most Beginners this will be 0), Emergency Contact Info, Medical Insurance Provider & Number and Where You Heard about the Blues Program.

In addition, Parents will be asked to Agree to the Waiver of Liability, Returned Check Fee/Auto Payment Failures and Payment Plan/Issues Policy, Livingston Blues Rules Agreement, Photo Permission, & Rink Behavior and Parent/Guardian Supervision of Children Policy.

Jersey & Sock Sizing and Number Choices Info will be collected during Registration: Please read the Jersey Sizing Info below as 8U thru 18U teams will be wearing Jerseys and Socks from a new vendor Champ Pro this season. Failure to order the correct size for your child will result in a charge to re-order the jersey in a different size. Each jersey is custom ordered and subliminated.

COSTS: Costs are identified below. Please see the applicable PROGRAM (WNYAHL, EMPIRE or HOUSE) to see what the registration fees cover. Parents will have the option to pay the whole amount or select the payment plan. We urge parents to register their child early to take maximum advantage of the payment plan. If you wait until after the payment plan dates, then the deposit and any past payments will be due at registration. For example: registering in July will mean the Deposit plus the 6/1 & 7/1 payments will be owed at Registration.

INFO for Registering for 8U Program/Teams


Full Cost: $925

Payment Plan:

$250 due at Registration

$135 due on 6/1, 7/1, 8/1, 9/1, 10/1

Days & Times:

Practice approx. twice/week. Schedules will be dependant on college schedule, HS game schedule and # of teams formed/registration numbers.

Evals for 8U will be held in early to mid September.

Registration Info for 10U/12U/14U/18U Teams


Full Cost: $1325

(Goalies receive a 50% discount & must play at least 1/2 of the games as a Goalie)

Payment Plan:

$250 due at Registration

$215 due on 6/1, 7/1, 8/1, 9/1, 10/1

Days & Times:

Practice approx. twice/week. Schedules will be dependant on college schedule, HS game schedule and # of teams formed/registration numbers.

Jersey Sizing Info

8U thru 18U Players on Teams: Jerseys & socks will be ordered from a new vendor Champ Pro. Therefore it is important that parents put Shoulder Pads and Elbow pads on their players and measure carefully using the directions below. Parents will want to select the size for largest measurement. Hockey jerseys should be slightly large both to allow for your child to move freely while playing AND because the jersey is worn for 7 months (Sept thru March) with many children continuing to grow thruout the season. A perfect fit at the beginning of the season will often be too tight and uncomfortable at the end.

Jersey Size Options

Skaters (7 Size Options):

1 - YS/YM (Youth Small / Youth Medium)

2 - YL/YXL (Youth Large / Youth XL)

3 - AS (Adult Small)

4 - AM (Adult Medium)

5 - AL (Adult Large)

6 - AXL (Adult XL)

7 - AXXL (Adult XXL)

Goalies (3 Size Options):

1 - Goalie Youth

2 - Goalie Intermediate

3 - Goalie Adult


8U/Mite players typically wear size YS/YM, and sometimes a YL/YXL depending on size.

10U/Squirt players typically split between YS/YM and YL/YXL with a handful wearing AS.

12U/Peewee players typically split between YL/YXL and AS with a handful wearing AM.

14U/Bantam players typically split between AS and AM with a handful wearing AL.

18U/Midget players typically wear AL or AXL or in a few cases AXXL. Occasionally smaller 15U or 16U players will wear an AM.


Players can register for all Teams (8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 18U) using this registration.


1.) Setup a Crossbar account (many families already have an account), go here

NOTE: Only one account per family should be needed.

2.) Register with USA Hockey to get a 24-25 Season Confirmation Number.  Make sure the child is registered with their LEGAL NAME.  Go to : and click on the REGISTER NOW button.  The confirmation number will be entered during registration.

3.) Click on the REGISTRATION button below, fill out the info for your child and pay the Registration Fee or agree to the payment plan. NOTE: Payment by EFT (electronic check) is free. Payment by Credit or Debit card has a 2% charge.
NOTE 2: If your family wishes to pay off-line by check/money order/cash, contact the Registrar. Every child must pay at least a deposit to skate. If your family has special circumstances (for example a teacher who does not get paid in the summer or divorced parents who split the fees), contact the Registrar at 

4.) NEW PLAYERS (any player who did not play for the Geneseo/Livingston Blues Last Season) MUST submit a scanned COPY of their Birth Certificate to the Registrar BEFORE they skate. New players must be birthdate verified during the 1st season they participate.

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