Frequently Asked Questions - Website/Registration/Payments

How Do I Change the Payment Method on my child's Account?

To add a bank account or credit/debit card (for example if your card has expired or you have changed checking accounts), go to Website Help article:

Note this article also tells you how to view a summary of the payments made on your child's account too!

Below is an article which is more specific if you need to change the card for one payment, for example if one parent pays for the 1st payment and another pays for the 2nd.

I forgot to add my husband to the my child's account when I registered him/her so he can access schedules, payment info etc, how do I change this?

Go to the following Website Help Article:

This article discusses adding grandparents and step-parents:

What is the Family Calendar and I can I sync the Calendar to my device?

Go to the following Website Help Article:

I am not receiving emails from the Livingston Blues - how do I fix this?

Go to the following Website Help Article:

Note your email must be associated with your child. So if only one parent is associated with the child, go to the question above about one spouse not being on the child's account.

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