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USA Hockey announced that they will sanction youth hockey for the 2020-2021 Season! While there are still many questions, that is great news!

As we await the New York State announcements on youth sports, your Board is preparing for the season.  It will most certainly look different, and we will run into many more questions than we have answers for, but here is what we know:

  • USA Hockey is sanctioning youth hockey!  As our governing body, and the method in which leagues like the Livingston Blues obtain insurance, coaching certifications, volunteer background checks and more, this is an important step in getting our youth back on the ice for the season.  USA Hockey registrations last one year, and expire on July 31st.  If you have not registered your youth with USA Hockey for the 2020-2021 season, that is step one!  There is a registration free for youth over 6 years old of $54.  This is not a part of the fee structure for the Livingston Blues registration, however, the current USA Hockey ID will be required. Get the season started by registering your player with USA Hockey!

  • Registration for the Livingston Blues will require a $20 deposit.  While we know this is a splash in the regular fee, we do not want to have families shelling out the dough until we know just what we are in for!  Getting your player registered as sooon as possible will be beneficial in allowing us to get things rolling as soon as we are able! Click here to register!


  • Where will we play?  Based upon current SUNY Geneseo plans, there will not likely be ice available to us, therefore, we are securing ice at alternate rinks.  Scottsville Ice Arena and Bill Gray's IcePlex are the likley alternatives.


  • How much will it cost?  We have listed anticipated registration fees for each level based upon a regular season in our home rink.  We know the season may change in length, the number of games may change, and that ice rates will be higher than we are used to!  The Board will be doing our best to keep fees at the anticipated rate.  


  • What team will my skater be on?  Because we were not able to have evaluations in the spring, we will work to get on the ice as early as we are allowed this fall, evaluating skaters and assigning teams.  Our coaches and ACE Coordinator assembled some "best guesses" to allow us to submit the teams and potential rosters which were required by NYSAHL in mid-July.  We know this is not what you are used to, but can assure you that the messaging is clear from NYSAHL - NO TEAMS SHOULD BE ON THE ICE UNTIL APPROVAL IS RECEIVED.


  • Will I be able to watch? What about masks? Rules for spectators, masks and more will be made by each rink, and enforced by rink management.  As an organization, we will communicate the facility rules to our players and families, and will expect that we can each do our part to follow those and keep our kids playing!  If you have been in the rinks this summer, general rules are that masks are worn for entry and being in the rink, but not on the ice; players arrived dressed, and sit to put skates, helmet and gloves on in socially-distant seats; locker rooms are closed; fans are limited to 1-2 people per player and are asked to be masked and socially distant.  For rinks with restaurants, masks can be removed once seated.  We anticipate rules to be generally the same, but will respond to the rules put forth.

by posted 08/04/2020
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