Coaching Staff / Members / NYSAHA Officials using this site are being asked to only submit a limited amount of personal information directly to a nationally recognized organization that performs background checks on volunteers. This allows NYSAHA to continue to provide adequate protection to our youth hockey participants and at the same time protect applicants from identity theft. Your information is not printed, transmitted or shared with any parties outside of NYSAHA.
Screening Policy 2012-13  


NYSAHA Screening Policy

updated 11/7/12


The New York State Amateur Hockey Association, in order to be in compliance with the Affiliate Agreement with USA Hockey, has instituted a policy to screen coaches, on-ice officials and volunteers who have contact with players, whether girls or boys, under the age of 18. This includes players and coaches who are over 18 playing or coaching on teams containing under 18 year old players, i.e. 19 & Under Women’s teams.

The new Screening site is now live. The information below has been updated with the new checklist, URL, and instructions.

2012-2013 Association Screening check list >>> Checkl List

2012-2013 Self screening instructions >>> Instructions

2012-2013 Association certification spread sheet >>> Certification Form 

Screening Direct Link >>> http://www.commercialinvestigationsllc.com/VSSNYSAHA

2012-2013 Volunteers (coaches and officials) screened between 1/1/10 and 11/5/12 >>>Updated List   

The Retired 2009 Confirmation Numbers file is a listing of people and confirmation numbers from 2009 that have to be re-screened if they haven’t already. This file is listed in Confirmation Number order so that associations can check that volunteers aren’t using outdated numbers. Many of these volunteers have subsequently re-screened since 2009. They must use their latest Confirmation Number, found in the Volunteers file, to complete their Association Screening form. 2009 numbers used on the Association Screening form will be rejected and the association notified. 2009 Link >>> Link  

New In addition to screening all Associations must also complete an ADM declaration form >>> 2012-13 ADM Form