2020-21 LBYH Board Nominations
Dear Hockey Families -
The Livingston Blues Board for 2019-2020 has been working diligently to prepare for the twists that COVID-19 has brought to hockey, and recently adopted some changes to our By-Laws to allow us to move forward in seating our 2020-2021 Board.  On March 14th, we presented the slate of Nominations for the new Board.  Our previous By-Laws required a 30 day waiting period on that slate of nominations, at which time we were scheduled to accept nominations from the floor and put the final slate out for an in-person vote by our membership.
With the Board working to vote in changes to By-Laws due to restrictions brought about by COVID-19, we are moving forward in a virtual format for both nominations and voting.
A Board Members must have an affiliation with the organization as follows:
• Any GFLYH registered player age 18 or older. • The parents (custodial or non-custodial) or legal guardian of a Livingston Blues registered player. • Any member of the current Board elected or appointed. • Formally appointed head coaches. • Friends of the organization who have been appointed as such
Board members will be willing to make decisions for the benefit of the entire organization, and represent the Livingston Blues favorably in their interactions.  Board members are required to participate in USA Hockey mandated SafeSport training and submit background checks in accordance with USA Hockey requirements. The SafeSport training is online, and is currently required annually with a time investment of approximately one hour.
Given the current environment, questions surrounding the season, and certainly requirements that are far different than any other year, Board Members will have greater expectations, and should be available to actively assist.
The current slate of nominees is as follows:

Nominations for the following were made at the March 11th Board Meeting:

President – no nominations accepted
Vice President – Dan Craun nominated by Molly VanWyk
Secretary – Hayley Anderson nominated by Molly VanWyk
Registrar – JoBeth Rath nominated by Kristen Felix
ACE Coordinator – no nominations accepted
Equipment Manager – Lee Sargent nominated by Dan Craun
Members at Large – Aaron Utberg nominated by Karyn Lipome; Mike Laney nominated by Jodi Deming; Kristen Felix nominated by Molly VanWyk; Leanne Doviak nominated by Jodi Deming; Stuart Bailey nominated by Shannon Agosto

Interest in appointed positions as follows:
Treasurer – Dick Baumgardner
Empire Representative – Karyn Lipome
Director of Communications – Cory Fitzsimmons
Ombudsman – Jodi Deming
Ice Coordinator – Molly VanWyk

If you have an interest in a Board position, or have questions, please reach out to me, or our Registrar, JoBeth Rath - jobeth.rath@yahoo.com - 585.447.3179.
We will be accepting Nominations from the floor at our meeting on Wednesday, July 8th to finalize our slate of nominees.  Electronic voting from the membership will take place immediately following and will be open until midnight on July 9th.  Our new Board will be active immediately, with existing Board members agreeing to support in transition.  Please watch your email for a virtual meeting invitation link!
Thank you,
Jeff Curry, President

by posted 06/30/2020
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